Give your business unlimited opportunities for productivity and efficiency

Don't be weighed down by slow servers and limited storage.

Cover Cloud users can work from anywhere, anytime, with a full office experience.

Cover Cloud bespoke IT solutions for brokers and underwriters

Cover Cloud provides Enterprise IT Solutions to insurance brokers and underwriters around Australia, providing a centralised database access for multiple offices and remote access for Authorised Rep's.

Why Cover Cloud?

Cover Cloud allows you to access workstations anywhere, anytime, fast. Mobile, desktop, and remote login activated, anyone in your firm can access their data and applications 24/7. We're on standby 365 days per year with our help desk, and mitigate your risks with advanced disaster recovery.

Control of your IT environment & data

Lower IT costs immediately

Outsmart your competition

Up to date technology

Drive efficiency & productivity

The Evolution of Excellence
Data is never worth the risk

Limiting risk exposure is paramount to running a successful business and achieving core business outcomes. We mitigate your exposure to IT risks:

  • 4-hourly complete backups to encrypted offsite storage
  • Server monitoring to ensure optimal performance
  • National network of datacentres that minimises IT disruption
  • Disaster recovery strategy
  • Data storage in Australian datacentres only
  • Proven Crypto Locker defence strategies
  • Cutting edge cyber security and firewall systems

Get Cover Cloud now and excel above the rest with an IT solution for the future.

Cover Cloud reduces your costs

The below cost comparison is based on a standard 20 user insurance Broker with the below assumptions for a traditional approach:

The above cost comparison is based on a conservative initial setup of $20,000 for servers and network hardware plus $18,000 in variable costs assuming a major hardware investment at 36 months.